Ever wonder what people around the country do to celebrate Christmas?

Santatracker.com is a really cool website that tracks Santa on his journey around the world on Christmas Eve. On the site, there are is a ton of stuff for the kids to do and play.

One of the features on the site is a holiday traditions section; where they take you around the world to see how families spend their Christmases.


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    In Greece, they believe in these creatures called 'kallikantzari' that live in the center of the earth. Except on Christmas, when they hide in people's houses, scaring people, playing tricks, or eating those cookies.

    People in Greece perform different rituals to keep them away.

    Credit: owattaphotos
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    In France, kids put their shoes next to the fireplace for Pere Noel's (Santa Claus') to arrive. If they've been good they get gifts in their shoes.

    Credit: luanateutzi
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    In Germany they make it a community affair. They gather at the townsquare and listen to brass bands, and eat gingerbread heart, sugar-roasted almonds, sweets of all kinds, and drink mulled wine.

    Credit: Ruth Black