Radon gas can have severe consequences on your health, and unfortunately many homes have "higher than recommended levels."

According to KTVB, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says that about 40% of homes throughout Idaho have levels could be unsafe. Radon gas occurs naturally and is created by uranium that's found in soil.

So how does it end up in your home? According to KTVB, the gas is "drawn into homes and buildings throughout gaps and cracks in the crawlspaces and foundations."

The scary part of this gas is that it is not only colorless, but odorless too.

If it goes unnoticed for a long time it could expose you to radiation, that can ultimately lead to developing lung cancer. No bueno!

If you CLICK HERE, you can see a map of where the levels of radon gas are elevated.

If you want to be on the safe side, the good news is that test kits are pretty inexpensive, about $10 (you can order one HERE).