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Best Pho in Boise
What is Pho? How do you pronounce it and where is the best place to find it in the Treasure Valley?
Free Bikes in Meridian!!
Do you ever want to go for a bike ride, but you just don't have a bike, or maybe you have family visiting from out of town and you want to ride the Greenbelt, but they didn't bring their bikes, starting next week you can now check out bikes at the Library.
Best Buffet in Boise
Sometimes you just want to eat and eat and go back for more!! Here's the Best Buffet you'll find in Boise.
Anti-Biker Profiling Bill Fails
Looks like Idaho won't join states like Washington and Maryland who have already implemented anti-motorcycle profiling laws.  That bill failed today in the Idaho Senate.
After a 13-22 vote and an intense debate the Senate killed the bill...
Things Idahoans Do….
Some of these things might seem weird to other people, but here in Idaho they're a way of life.  According to, here's a few things that Idahoans do that you MAY not find in other states......and a few more things that you DEFINITELY won't find in other st…
Report: Woman Attacked During Table Rock Hike this is some pretty scary stuff.  With the weather getting warmer, we're all gonna wanna start getting outside more.  That's one of the joys of living in Idaho right? But for Lexi Crawford, a Treasure Valley resident, a Table Rock hike wound up being a nightma…
It Could Reach 70 Tomorrow!
If you were loving the weather over the weekend, then you're gonna be thrilled to hear this. It looks like after surviving Snowpocalypse, Mother Nature is paying us back by giving us some gorgeous weather including temps with a possible high of 70 tomorrow...
Big Time Floods for Friday?
If you live in Weiser or the Midvale areas, be on the look out. The National Weather Service is predicting that could be some MAJOR flooding this Friday.
How bad is it gonna get?  Well, think of it this way.  When the Weiser River flooded on February 10th, water levels reached up to 12 feet…

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