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Foods That Cause Wrinkles
A lot of us are still pushing through that New Year's diet so we can look, act, and feel better about ourselves in 2016.  Remember this... losing weight isn't the only thing you should be paying attention to.  Dry, crackly, wrinkly skin is a definite NO GO!  Here's what…
Don’t Gain Thanksgiving Weight
Here's me after Thanksgiving last year.  Whoah!  Not good.  No way I'm letting this happen again.  Here's some easy tips I've come up with to make sure I keep the Thanksgiving weight off this year...
Fast Food Capital of Idaho
MSN just came out with the Fast Food Havens for every state.  We all have very different ways we prefer to gorge ourselves.  Ice cream, soda, burgers, burritos, etc, etc.  Now we know who's at the top of their game when it comes to seducing us into more, more more!
The Werewolf Diet?!
I'm not much of a dieter, in fact my diet is horrible. Too much diet coke, grabbing the first thing I see in the cupboard as I run out the door kind of diet. I'm always setting goals to be healthier, but salads and working out are boring! So, I discovered some International Fad Diets in Shape Magazi…
My Favorite Fall Recipes!
One of my favorite things about fall is all the yummy food! I love soups, breads, and pretty much anything that warms your tummy and your soul. My kids have gotten really into cooking lately and it's been fun to have them in the kitchen.
Here's my 3 favorite fall recipes :

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