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Greg Hits Up Fanci Freez for the 1st Time
Gotta say, especially from a food perspective, being new to Boise is FUN! Seems like every where you look there's an awesome food place to try. So the other day I was driving by and saw Fanci Freez and nearly slammed on my breaks to turn around and try the place out...
Greg’s Boise Pizza Adventures: GUIDO’S
So last week after trying out Pie Hole on 8th street (and loving it btw), I asked where else do I need to go to try out the great pizza in Boise.  And after response after response of everyone saying "GUIDO'S!!!" I was like, "okay, I gotta try this place out...
Where is Boise’s Best Pizza
So I got the chance to try out my first pizza spot in Boise recently.  I stopped by Pie Hole on 8th street recently and may I just say..............AWESOME!!! But being new to Boise (and a pizza fiend) I GOTTA find out what are some other spots I should try...
Greg Tries Fry Sauce for the First Time
So I'll be the first to admit, I'm kind of a picky eater...........okay, I'm like a little kid, "no Mom I don't wanna eat that" kinda picky eater. But ever since I moved to Boise I keep on hearing people tell me how I gotta try the fry sauce...
Best Fish Tacos in Boise
My favorite meal is fish tacos; so I've been on a hunt around the Treasure Valley to find the best fish tacos in town! Here's what I've found.
Eating Our Way Through Boise
It was "Girls Night Out" with my daughter in Boise last night and we've made a plan to eat our way through this foodie town! Indian food was on the menu last night and here's what we found.
Best Brunch in Boise
My Mom says if she could choose her last meal it would be huckleberry pancakes from the Shore Lodge, but who do you think has the best brunch?

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