It's time to crank up the grill! There are lots of options, but this is my favorite way to build a burger and it could score your a Big Jud's Burger every week for a year!


My Mom worked in a diner as a teenager, and she's brought a lot of those recipes into our family.


On the menu, this burger was called "Porter's Favorite" and I loved it growing up. You take a typical burger and top it with melted cheese and ham. Adding ham to your cheese burger may not seem mind blowing, but take these essential steps to get the best burger ever!


First off, buy 80% 20% ground beef not the extra lean stuff. You need a little fat if you want a juicy, flavorful burger. Also, forget the frozen or pre-made patties. Making your own patty is simple and they taste so much better!

Rick and Carly

Rick and I attended a Weber Grill burger cooking class a couple years ago and we learned some great tricks.


  • First off, season your meat all the way through, not just on top. I mix in a little Worcestershire sauce and steak seasoning.


  • Form your patty and make a little thumb print in the middle of your burger to allow the extra juices to run out. This way your burger doesn't bubble up.


  • Crank up your heat to 375-400 degrees and grill your patties for about 4 minutes on each side. (Only flip once)


  • Top with thinly sliced ham and cheese and leave on the grill for a minute or two to let the cheese melt and the ham get nice and hot.


  • Another key step in making a great burger is buying good quality buns. Don't buy those cheap, little buns that leave your hamburger falling out the sides. I prefer onion buns because they just give a little extra flavor, but that doesn't fly with my kids, so today I bought potato buns.


My Mom likes a "Porter's Favorite" completely plain, without any toppings other than a little mayo. I like all the fixings though! My ideal burger is topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, avocado, jalapenos, pickles, and a dab of A1 steak sauce! You can do whatever you want. Another topping I love is grilled mushrooms. Get the cheese and ham melted perfectly on top and you will fall in love with a "Porter's Favorite!"


National Hamburger Day is May 28th!!

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