Her four children got into a tub of ice cream and ate it when they weren't supposed to.  The punishment... shave their heads.  All of them.  Including the girls.

26-year-old Priscilla Zapatos admits she just lost it but authorities are saying Zapato went way beyond losing it which is why she's spending time now in the Canyon County Jail.  

The ice cream incident wasn't just about shaving the heads of her two sons and two daughters.  She beat all four of them extensively with a belt and proceeded to shove their faces into what was left in the tub of ice cream.  Zapato bit her children and grabbed one of her daughters by the throat, lifting her up against the wall choking her.  Then she locked the kids out of the house to teach them another lesson.

The kids stated they thought they were going to die.  And for what?  Because they got into the ice cream?

According to KTVB all four children were placed into the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and a warrant was issued for Zapata's arrest. She was booked into the Canyon County Jail on Tuesday.

Zapato is facing four felony charges of abuse to a child and could face up to 10 years if convicted.