Overpriced? Maybe. Out of our price range? Definitely.

The house in question, which is currently up for sale, is located in Sun Valley and is a 15,000 square foot behemoth. The home, which was built in the late 90's, features four bedrooms and six bathrooms. Just in case you've got a giant family with eclectic taste.

Not enough? The enormous edifice also features:

  • A fitness area
  • Hot tub & spa
  • Wet bar
  • 12 acres of land
  • Pool with massive patio area
  • Dining area
  • Media center area

All this could be yours for the totally not-in-anyone's-price-range of $25,000,000 dollars. That's right, for the cost of one hundred million gumballs, you could instead live in this house with a mortgage of a meager $90,000 a MONTH. The house has been listed for sale for two years, and we can't see anyone dropping that kind of cash on this palace any time soon.