Warmer weather is here, but before you pack up the tent and head out the door be prepared that these campsites are closed due to weather. 


The whole next week looks beautiful, no rain in sight, but the horrible winter we've had has taken its toll and has left many campsites not ready for campers.


Several campsites in the Boise National Forest are opening and then closing on a daily basis as conditions change.


According to KTVB, 4 campsites in the Boise National Forest have had to close so far this year due to the extreme weather.


As Dry Creek continues to rise, both Dog Creek and Elk Flat campgrounds have closed.


In Idaho City, Grayback Campground has been closed indefinitely.


Rainbow and Amanita campground that surround Lake Cascade have also closed for restoration.


In addition to the campgrounds being closed, keep in mind that you may find difficulty getting to your usual spot.


Rabbit Creek to Crooked River Road loop has been closed.


Your best bet is to check the Boise National Forest website before you pack up to camp. Experts also advice that you take extra food, water, and emergency supplies in case you get stuck on your way.