And here I thought these places were obsolete!

Have you been wanting to catch a movie with the family, but looking to make it a bit more of an experience? Check this out!

It's the Terrace Drive-In in Caldwell. Yes, like an old-school drive-in movie theater right here in the Treasure Valley.

I didn't know there was one anywhere close by, and I was shocked that it was so close!

You pay per person just like the regular movies, but unlike the theater, you can lay down some blankets (or air mattresses) in the bed of your truck and enjoy the flick cuddling up next to your family.

I got the chance to check it out over the weekend to watch 'Cars 3' and it was the PERFECT way to spend a warm--almost--summer night.

I think drive-in theaters are so nostalgic and are the coolest way to catch a movie. The only down side? You've gotta wait for it to get dark, so the movie doesn't start until about 10p...and if you want to stay for the double-feature (your entry fee covers both) you won't get out of there until about 2a.

Here's what they're playing this week!