One of the most bizarre stories I've come across in a while! A placenta and umbilical cord were stolen from a Caldwell hospital. 


Alexis Buller gave birth to a baby on July 3rd and police were concerned she had been using drugs so they ordered that her placenta, the umbilical cord, and vials associated with the birth be tested.


That's when Alexis' Mom, Riannon Stoneham,  who claims she was concerned that her daughter's drink had been spiked with meth, stole the placenta, umbilical cord, and vials.


According to the Idaho Press, Stoneham then drove to a fast food restaurant and dumped a black trash bag into a dumpster.


Stoneham has been charged with felony destruction of evidence and is set to appear in court July 19th.


Her grandchild has been place in the hands of Health and Welfare.