BOISE.....STATE.....BOISE.....STATE! A very big shout out is in order for those guy and girls whose job it is to cheer OTHERS on. Now it's their turn to bask in the victory. The Boise State Spirit Squad is coming home with a first place trophy after getting the top spot at the USA Collegiate Championships in Anaheim, California over the weekend.

The Boise State Spirit Squad posted on their Facebook yesterday that they'd taken 1st place in the Small Coed Show Cheer Routine category. They also posted the video of the actual routine that got them to the top spot. And man, do they look FLAWLESS! It's pretty cool to see these guys and girls at all the sporting events cheering on their fellow athletes, then going and competing on their own. Way to go, Broncos!! You can check out their amazing performance below. And maybe they'll score some more gold next year!