Snapchat, a social media outlet used primarily by young adults and teenagers has probably never been used to set up robberies before.  That was before these Boise teens took advantage.


19-year-old Syrus Tomaskovich and 18-year-old Ervey Tovar used Snapchat to make friends with another teenager but friendship was the last thing on their minds.  The whole thing was a scam to get the victim to let down his guard and then rob him.


Tovar developed a friendship with the victim over the course of several months.  Snapchat is how they met and once Tovar felt the two were close enough he invited the victim to join him in a California road trip.  They had never met in person before but the victim felt comfortable enough to say yes, grabbed some cash and personal belongings and left his home in Eagle to meet up with Tovar for the trip.  This was all on May 30, 2017.


He met Tovar and the two started walking when a man with a gun jumped out and robbed them.  This man later was identified as Tomaskovich.  Tovar told the victim to stay there while he went to find a phone and call police.  Tovar never returned and never again reached out to the victim.


When Eagle Police investigated it didn't take them long to identify Tomaskovich as the thief and Tovar as his accomplice.  Both men have been arrested and bail has been set at $500,000 for each of them.