The last time Boise State University installed brand new marquee signs was 1984. Over thirty years later, BSU is finally upgrading their signs for new ones which will reflect the campus look and feel for modern times.

In case you forgot there were marquee signs on campus, you're not alone. One of the two original signs that's located on Broadway Ave. actually hasn't been used as a digital reading board since 2016.

The new signs will helpfully help the community know of upcoming events going on across campus. The signs haven't passed the permitting process yet with the City of Boise, but if they do, they'll be larger than what currently stands in it's place and it will promote upcoming events on campus, at the Morrison Center, the Taco Bell Arena and other athletic events.

This would be a welcomed addition for the university, as many students have turned to looking at the Chili's marquee sign across the street for information on upcoming concerts. This will be a great asset for promoting games, parades and more!