He's accused of first-degree stalking and vandalism in a West Boise neighborhood and now he's back on the streets!


69 year old Brent Ravai was arrested yesterday, but he didn't spend much time in jail. He was released today and was expected to appear in court this afternoon.


Police were investigating the situation for about two months. Ravai is accused of stalking an adult man,which may not be what you would typically expect.


The victim lived in the area of Cloverdale and McMillan Roads. The investigation came to a head Thursday morning when a police officer saw Ravai make an illegal U-turn in order to pursue the man he was stalking.


Ravai was cooperative with police and openly let them search his vehicle, but he found himself in trouble when they found a loaded handgun and "evidence of stalking" inside his vehicle according to the Idaho Statesman.


We'll see if Ravai lands himself back in jail, but in the meantime, the victims and those living in that area probably won't be sleeping too soundly.