You have a man with a family, a good life, and a good job just trying to protect this city and one bad day leaves him paralyzed and with one leg.

Back in November Cpl. Kevin Holtry of the Boise Police Department was shot several times while on a manhunt.  This shooting left him paralyzed and now his left leg has been amputated just above the knee.


Currently Holty is paralyzed from the belly button down but his spinal chord is not severed, just bruised, giving him hope that he'll eventually be able to walk again.


On Thursday, a full police escort will lead Cpl. Holtry from Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center to the airport so he can fly to Craig Hospital in Denver which is one of the best facilities in the country for spinal chord injuries.


Cpl. Holtry has been on the force for 17 years and this is the same incident that took the life of Jardo the K-9 police dog back on November 11.


We're all praying and rooting for you Cpl. Holtry.  You got this!