In one of the incidents, the suspects used bats!

According to KTVB, Boise Police are looking for several suspects that are responsible for two attempted robberies, and one successful robbery of a Meridian business.

The first incident happened at the Walmart on Fairview in Meridian. A 59-year-old woman  was sitting in her car "when two men came up to her vehicle with their faces covered. One of the men swung a baseball bat at her car window, shattering it".

She was able to drive away, despite the suspects demanding she give them everything in her possession. She was able to give the police a description of their vehicle - a light-colored SUV.

The next incident happened just minutes later, at the Ultra Touch car wash just two miles from the Walmart. Police were dispatched and found that the suspects were able to get away with the cash register and some other items.

Then, comes the third one. According to KTVB, the Canyon County Sheriff's Office found a vehicle that was believed to be connected with the attempted robbery in the Walmart parking lot.

The vehicle - a gold Buick RVD - was left behing when an attempted burglary in Canyon County was interrupted by the homeowner. Inside the vehicle? Yep, the items stolen from Ultra Touch Car Wash.

The first victim described the two 'bat-wielding' suspects 5'8", wearing hoodies and "something over their faces."

Michael Findlay

A third suspect is believed to have been the driver of the SUV.

If you have any information, please contact the Meridian Police Department.