Have you seen this man? He disappeared without a trace and a lot of people are worried about him. 

He's only being identified as Robert. He stands 5'9'' about 180 lbs. with brown hair, a brown beard, tattoo sleeves on both arms, and he was last seen wearing a tan Carhartt T-shirt.

According to KTVB, his employer says he hasn't been feeling well, so he's particularly concerned that Robert is nowhere to be found.

His car was found at a business near the intersection of Federal Way and South Findley Avenue which is the last place Robert was seen at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday. His car was left abandoned with no sign of Robert.

Please keep an eye out for this man. I know if any of my loved ones were missing I would be in a frantic search for them. Lets ban together and bring this man home.