Started off as a routine traffic stop... ended with this guy dragging one of our officers with his car down Vista Avenue.


Rahim Reed was pulled over Friday morning around 9:30 and ended up thinking it might be best to just make a run for it.  Problem was, one of our Boise Police Officer's arm was inside and he was stuck to the car as it dragged him 15 to 20 feet down Vista Avenue.  Fortunately the officer only received some bumps and bruises.  Unfortunately Reed actually got away.


One day later... Reed was spotted driving a 1997 Honda Civic near Three Mile Creek Road.  Police tried stopping him again on west Overland Road and guess what??  He took off again.  Police used what's called a "Pit Maneuver" to stop Reed and physically removed him from his vehicle.


There was marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and amphetamines in the car.  The Honda Civic he was driving was also stolen.  Surprise Surprise!


This guy's facing a long set of charges and will most likely be taking a long vacation in jail!