The 2600 acre Table Rock fire has been one of the "Low-Lights" of the Treasure Valley over the past year and now someone is finally going to pay.


19-year-old Taylor Kemp just pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor this morning.  He admitted to the charge of "Unlawful Use Of Fireworks".  He said, "yes, I lit the firework even though I knew we were in the middle of fire season."


A Roman Candle is all it took to change the landscape of the most well-known hiking trails in Idaho.  One home was burned down, hundreds more were threatened, and the charred, flat remains are all that's left.


Kemp originally called the news stations a few hours after the incident saying he saw the whole thing.  He saw a bunch of drunk teenagers who were lighting off fireworks and one of them accidentally fell onto its side lighting the grass on fire.  Kemp said he called 911 and tried to extinguish the flames but was unsuccessful.


Kemp's fingerprint was found on the Roman Candle and he was arrested a few months later after admitting to setting off fireworks.


Restitution costs may well be above $400,000 for Kemp.  A court date is set for March 20 to discuss the details.