A small plane flying over the mountains of Cascade yesterday morning stalled out forcing the pilot to crash land.  The pilot was injured and the passenger didn't make it.


Just after 10:30 a.m. yesterday the Valley County Sheriff's Office received a call from 54-year-old Andrew Akin who explained why and how he crash landed in the mountains.  LifeFlight was immediately dispatched but struggled to find Akin's location.  They were trying to pin point where he was off of the cell phone he was using.


Akin described where he was as he patiently waited for help.  He also told authorities that his 50-year-old passenger, David Henderson of Boise did not survive the crash.  After hours of searching the United States Air Force contacted the sheriff's department with GPS information from the plane's emergency beacon.  This information led to the exact location but LifeFlight could not retrieve the man because of how treacherous the landscape was.  That's when Two Bear Air out of Flathead County in Montana stepped in.  They were able to retrieve Akin and transfer him to LifeFlight which immediately took Akin to the hospital.


Henderson's body was also recovered.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.