Hate seeing all those leaf bags on your curb? They may be staying there for a little bit longer.

I just moved to a new house and there's a big beautiful tree in the front yard. Perfect for shade during the summer months, but I didn't even think of the leaves. SO. MANY. LEAVES.

If you live in Boise, and you've got a big ol' tree that's caused you some sore arms from the raking, you're probably ready to see those things GONE!

But, according to KTVB, Public Works is delayed; and it's taking a little longer to collect all those leaf bags.

So if you're concerned about when they'll go, they're working on it. Catherine Chertudi, with the environmental division of Boise Public Works Department told KTVB that "crews are working hard to get the job done. Additional trucks and routes have been brought in to help.[...] We're working overtime every day, we've brought in extra crews from throughout the Valley to help collect all of the leaves."

Credit: Getty Images/ Phil Walter