Would YOU buy this home?

According to the Idaho Statesman, a North End Boise home is getting national attention for its small size and HUGE price.

The website, CURBED, featured this "wee Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired" home on their site describing it as "a cozy residence with one bedroom and one bath on 775 square feet of living space that takes more than just a word or two from Wright’s iconic language."

The home-according to Estately- was NOT created by Frank Lloyd Wright, but rather by local architects in 1980 who, "well-versed in the architectural grammar" of the famous designer.

The small home is located less than a mile away from the Boise Greenbelt, so there's a plus...but is it worth $299,000?? That's a whopping $385 per square foot!! That's crazy!

I wouldn't even consider it, but would you be willing to buy this home?