One of our local dogs who's served honorably in the military for the U.S. Army received a hero's sendoff after passing away.  


Sgt. First Class Taran was a dog who sniffed out explosives and eventually retired to Boise after his service.


His trainer and handler, retired Army Staff Sgt. John Mras served alongside Taran at Fort Knox and in Iraq where they searched for ammunition and explosives.  They were separated for a bit while Mras was in special forces training.  Tran didn't take kindly to anyone else training or handling him.  He was loyal to Mras.  so Mras decided to adopt him.


Tran and Mras lived in Idaho for many years until Taran finally lost his battle with cancer.  Tran was honored yesterday with a full military funeral.  He worked hard, was loyal, and sacrificed just like so many other fine men and women in our military.


Thank you Sgt. First Class Taran for your service!