A man biking to work here in Boise was hit and left injured on the side of the road. Here is his story.


27 year old Derrek Brent is a financial analyst who works at a bank downtown. On October 2nd he was biking to work as usual, riding in the bike lane on Capitol Boulevard when he believes he was hit by a gray or silver vehicle.


Derrek was knocked unconscious. He had a severe concussion, a broken nose, cuts on his face, and road rash on both of his hands. His bike was a mess. There was damage to the frame, spokes, and front wheel valve.


Since Derrek was knocked unconscious and he fell forward, there isn't necessarily proof her was hit, but he believes he was and he told the Idaho Statesman that although he isn't upset about the crash he is upset that someone would just leave him there in the road.


Police say they don't have physical evidence to prove Derrek was hit but they are continuing to investigate.


We hope you make a full recovery and get feeling better soon Derrek.