Love me a good sandwich. Here's the best the Treasure Valley has to offer.


There's something just comforting about eating a sandwich. Maybe it brings back fond memories of the sandwiches your Mom used to pack in your lunchbox; my daughter and I share a meatball sandwich after her ice skating lessons every Saturday and it's something we always look forward to.

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    The Chicken Sandwich at Juniper

    211 N. 8th St. - Boise-

    It's the best brunch has to offer in Boise. Fried chicken on a biscuit with bacon, an egg, and sausage gravy! Yum! For more of a lunch option try the chicken sandwich with the chipotle remoulade sauce.

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    The Pastrami at Grit

    360 S. Eagle Rd -Eagle-

    This "reuben" is like no other. Instead of kraut they use vegetables that have been soaked in a brine to keep them crunchy and tangy. The pastrami is delish and the thousand island dressing makes it perfect!

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    The Turkey Brie at Bluebird

    224 N. 10th St. -Boise-

    Turkey, apple, fig jam, and dijon mustard, it is oh so good!!

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