Beer, Wine, and Ice-cream! Not a bad combo! A new ice-cream shop in Boise is bringing the best of booze and my favorite dessert!


It's called STIL which is short for "The Sweetest Things in Life" and they are giving ice-cream a whole new spin!


The shop is expected to open in June at 786 W. Broad Street between Cafe D'arte and Edwards 9 theater where the Snake River Winery used to be.


STIL is pretty unique in the sense that customers have the opportunity to pair their ice-cream with beer, wine, or espresso. Some of their flavors even have your favorite alcoholic beverages in them, like honey bourbon ice-cream! You can also get a beer or wine float or ice-cream shake, but STIL isn't exclusively for adults.


The new shop will also feature funky kids flavors like fruity pebbles ice-cream or orange crush ice-cream.


According to the Idaho Statesman the menu at STIL will be divided into 6 categories.

  • THE USUAL: Chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel etc.

  • THE UNUSUAL: Mexican Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and Sweet Tea ice-cream are a few examples in this category.

  • THE BAR: Alcohol related flavors

  • THE GARDEN: Non-dairy and Vegan options

  • THE LAB: This is for their wacky experiment ice-cream flavors


Can't wait for this local shop to Open!!