Falling rocks is a big issue right now along Highway 55 and if you're driving past the Banks-Lowman Road area... watch out for this big guy.


All the wet weather we've been getting is part of the reason slides and falling rocks are hitting us so hard.  This photo was shot by Sherice White-lydia who was driving by thinking, "what if my car was right there when that baby came down?"  This was on Highway 17 (Banks-Lowman Road) near Lowman.


One lane is obviously being blocked by the boulder at milepost 26.  The Idaho Department of Transportation is looking into what would be the best option in removing the boulder.  ITD is also warning drivers to be cautious of snow in the roadways when you end up north in the Donnelly / Cascade area.  Large animals on the roadways is another obstacle drivers are seeing in the road.


Different parts of Highway 21 and 75 in the Stanley area are closed after avalanches blocked the roads last week.


For Idaho travel conditions log on to Idaho Transportation Department or call 1-888-432-7623.