The father / daughters missing story has taken a turn for the worst and Boise Police are frantically trying to find these two young girls who have been abducted.


7-year-old Madyson Dundon and 6-year-old Jaylyn Dundon were last seen with their father, 29-year-old Joshua Dundon on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.  Joshua picked his kids up from school and nobody's heard from them since.  Family members contacted the police on Friday.


There was third hand information that they might be camping but the search is on high alert now because the burned shell of Joshua's camper has been found in Eureka County, Nevada on Thursday.  Authorities were not able to identify the vehicle as Joshua's until today.


Many small footprints were found at the site of the burnt camper shell but police do not know if they are the little girl's.  The Amber Alert states that the girls are in immediate danger.  They are believed to have been abducted.


Joshua Dundon may be armed and dangerous and might also be traveling with a yellow pitbull dog.  If you have any information at all please call 911 immediately.


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