Two Ada County Sheriff deputies were investigating a car crash on I-84 yesterday morning when an out-of-control vehicle came plowing in forcing one deputy to dive out of the way for his life.

With the snow comes slick roads and conditions we haven't been driving in for awhile.  We had many accidents over the weekend but this one might be the scariest.

According to The Idaho Statesman it occurred on the median side of I-84 close to Blacks Creek Road.  The two deputies were investigating a rollover crash and were going about business as usual.  Setting up flares, clearing out people, and taking all the normal precautions necessary to start their investigation.

Most people pull over into the right lanes away from the accident to give authorities some room and to help keep them safer while they do their job.  21-year-old Dustin Peters did not do so and unfortunately lost control of his vehicle which headed straight for the deputies Chevy Tahoe.

One deputy was sitting in the patrol car and the other was straight in the path of Peters' on-coming vehicle barely getting out of the way in time.  Peter's vehicle rolled over the embankment which is where the original crash had taken place the deputies were investigating.  Here's a look at how his vehicle ended up...

Credit: Ada County Sheriff's Office

Both deputies were transported to the hospital where they've since been released.  Peters was also sent for medical attention and has been cited with reckless driving.