I get curious about the most random things. One of them, what do I do if I have to leave my car on the side of the road so that I don't get a ticket...or get it towed.

I didn't know there's an actual protocol to follow if you find yourself having to walk to the gas station, because you ran out of gas on I-84 :D.

According to KTVB, Idaho State Police officials say there are rules to follow to avoid getting towed.

The first thing to remember is to pull off the roadway completely "no tires touching any portion of the pavement. If you do this, you'll have a 48-hour window before your car is towed."

If it's between mile post 26 and 50 on I-84, on the in/out-bound connector, and your car is on the paved road, however, you only have a three-hour window to get it off the road. The countdown begins when an ISP trooper first stops at the vehicle.

This changes though, if the car is abandoned on the pavement on any highway when it's dark. According to KTVB, "the time limit does not apply [...] it will be towed immediately if ISP is unable to contact the registered owner."

Another thing you can do to buy yourself a little bit of time is to leave a not with your car with your name and phone number so you can be contacted if your car is about to be towed.

You can also call ISP dispatch at *ISP (*477) to provide your information.

Credit: David McNew / Getty Images