You don't really think of Meridian when you think of break-ins and thieves, but something is going on because 98 cars have been broken into and that's just the beginning!

According to KTVB in the past 30 days not only have nearly one hundred cars been broken into but there have been 18 residential burglaries and 11 cars have been stolen in Meridian!

It's been deemed the #1 City in America to Live in, I live in Meridian and I absolutely love it, but I don't know what is going on.

Perhaps its because we have the attitude of "nothing happens in Meridian" attitude. I'm guilty of this too. Not locking my front door, leaving my car running out front for just a minute, but the police say we've got to be more careful.

They are calling these crimes "crimes of opportunity" and they say we've got to be better about locking our doors. Crime can happen anywhere and obviously we have some not so upstanding citizens lurking around Meridian.

So, be aware, don't leave packages on your porch if you can avoid it, lock your doors, and if you see anything suspicious in your area call the cops!