Let this serve as a warning to stay away from the high, swift moving water that we have this spring in and around the Treasure Valley. 


It's every parent's worst nightmare. One moment your child is playing and the next minute they are being swept away in cold, fast, moving water. A 5 year old little boy is dead this morning after an accident in Elmore County just outside of Mountain Home.


It happened in a creek at the Willow Creek Trail Head just off of Black's Creek Road on Sunday afternoon.


The family, who has not been identified because they are having a particularly hard time dealing with the tragedy told dispatchers that they had stopped in the area to check it out and made a campfire when the accident suddenly happened.


According to KTVB, personnel from Elmore County Search and Rescue responded along with several other emergency responders, but they just could not get there in time.


You can not underestimate the power of the water right now. I know how easy it is as a parent to take your eyes off of them for one minute and they are suddenly gone. I stopped by the Boise River yesterday and was stunned at how high and fast the water was. Please, please, please be careful.


Our hearts break for this family that lost their sweet 5 year old son.