I love checking out cool historical places around town and you don't want to miss these three houses in Boise with some pretty incredible pasts. 

My grandparents live in a nearly 150 year old home back in Utah that is legendary, so I guess that's where I get the appreciation for cool old houses. Their home used to be a hospital and not only did several people die there, but they found bottles of tonsils down in the basement! Creepy aeh?!! It's the house pictured above.

Check out these similarly historical homes here in Boise and for additional cool historical houses in Idaho click HERE.



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    Bown House

    8169 W. Victory Road -Boise

    This home was built in 1879 and was once known as the "Block House." It originally belonged to Joseph and Temperance Bown, who raised their seven children in this home. School was actually held in the home for a while when the local elementary school burned down. Originally the home had a cupola observatory and a "widows walk" where  you could see the Bown's 240 acre ranch. The Bown House is open the first Saturday of every month from 1-4 pm.

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    Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga House

    611 Gove Street-Boise

    This is the oldest brick building in Boise. It was used as a Basque boarding house from 1910-1969. It originally belonged to the Jacobs family who operated a flour mill, meat packing house, and a soap factory. Today you can visit it as part of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center Complex in Boise.

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    Bishops' House

    2420 Old Penitentiary Road-Boise

    Built in 1889. It didn't originally stand at this location, but rather at the corner of 2nd and Idaho street. Whoever was serving as the Episcopal Bishop of Idaho would live in this home with his family. Today it serves as a wedding reception place.