The "100 Most Deadliest Days On Idaho Roads" continues.  KTVB just reported the heartbreaking news of a young, 25-year-old girl from New Meadow, Idaho who just lost her life in a tragic accident.  She was the passenger in a pickup truck that ran a stop sign on Idaho 55 south of New Meadows yesterday just past 2 o'clock.

The Idaho State Police say that the driver was 28-year-old Bruce Haynes from New Meadows.  Not stopping at this sign led to a disastrous and ultimately fatal crash.  Haynes vehicle collided with a loaded logging truck and that little pickup took most of the damage.  The pickup flipped ejecting both Haynes and the 25-year-old girl who has been identified as Alicia Lamere.  Neither were wearing seatbelts.  Haynes' condition is not known but we do know that Lamere has been pronounced dead.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

We do know that the driver of the logging truck escaped unharmed.