We're all about to make those New Years resolutions. One of mine is to get out and explore this beautiful state we live in. A new survey reveals the must visit places in 2017. 

Here's a great start to kick off your New Years adventures. For additional ideas visit onlyinyourstate.com

  • 1

    Ride the Longest Gondola in the World!

    Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg

    It's 3.1 miles of breathtaking views and it runs year-round.

    Getty Images/ Doug Pensinger
  • 2

    Visit Bear World


    My daughter has been begging to feed the baby bears here for over a year. Where else can you feed bears?! So cool!

    Getty Images/ VCG
  • 3

    Visit Cleo's Ferry Museum


    My daughter and I discovered this place last summer, but if you haven't been you have to go. It's a whimsical walk like you've never experienced!

    Getty Images/ Dan Kitwood
  • 4

    Hike Through Black Magic Canyon


    These rocks have been carved through the power of the river. Incredibly beautiful, it's one of the state's most overlooked canyons.

    Getty Images/Sean Gallup
  • 5

    Visit the B-23 Bomber Crash Site


    The secret hike you have to take to get here is apparently amazing and the crash site tells the tale of one of the most unique survival stories in Idaho's history.

    Getty Images/ David McNew
  • 6

    Check out the historic water wheels in New Plymouth

    New Plymouth

    These are century old water wheels that still run every spring and summer in the charming town of New Plymouth

    Getty Images/ Mark Kolbe
  • 7

    Follow the "Soaktennial Hot Springs Trail"

    You'll find 63 hot pools along this one of a kind trail.

    Getty Images/ Dan Kitwood
  • 8

    Attend the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

    I was able to see the balloons launch for the first time this year and it was spectacular! It's hands down one of my favorite events in Boise.

    Getty Images/ Matt Cardy