There are very few details in this case but I think the most important thing is to get these pictures out to as many people as possible in hopes that someone, somewhere who knows something, steps forward to bring home this 13-year-old girl.

According to KTVB the Boundary County Sheriff's Office believes these two girls may have been lured away.  Initial reports not only talks of them missing but a stolen vehicle as well.  All three went missing close to the girl's homes in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  The vehicle has been found in Williston, North Dakota.  This unloaded a nation-wide search involving the F.B.I. and other law enforcement to urgently find the two girls.

We now know that Alisa Hannaman, the girl on the right has been found.  We have absolutely no information as to her condition or what happened and most importantly, where is Kaia Kramer, the girl on the left side of your photo.  Kramer is only 13-years-old and authorities are pleading with anyone that has any information at all to call Boundary County Sheriff at 208-267-3151.